lubián – a gudiña


Day 54: 27 km’s

Today’s reflection: Catching a glimpse of blue from behind the clouds………..

❤️The camino brought me into Galicia today, through another cold, wet, winter landscape. On a more social note:  During my stay in Lubian, I had two pilgrims come and stay, a Czech woman and a Spanish guy. It was great to talk and share with others. Very different energy!  Leaving Lubian in the rain, alone once again, I was initially accompanied for long stretches by motorways, cars and construction sites, but the camino eventually took me into more natural spaces. Finally, I am back in Galicia……I felt the water rushing all around, falling from the sky, seeping up from the earth, pooled in deep holes, floating on my breath. And this was fine, it is Galicia after all. Without all this water, the land wouldnt be so juicy, fertile. Towards the end of the day, just when a clammy feeling of dampness was beginning to soak into my bones, I looked up and saw a vibrant blue sky bursting out from behind a cloud. So deep, that blue, so true. At this moment, it is the thing I walk towards. Sun and light blast through. Suddenly the dampness is gone❤️




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