puebla de sanabria – lubián



Day 53: 28 km’s

Today’s reflection: Where does snow come from anyway?









❤️I drag myself out of the warm, white, modern surroundings of my hotel in Puebla de Sanabria, and into a grey, wet, and slightly muddy (in places) landscape. The payoff comes at the top of a mountain a little while later, when I walk through snow……….I thought that this day might come on this camino. Cheeky winter air bites my face as I push my way upwards, following a thoroughly decrepit road where the asphalt is being bullied by weeds and grass. As I walk, it occurs to me that this road that time forgot is how our highways might look 500 years in the future when cars and dicks in suits become obsolete. Despite the constant sounds of cars rushing past on the nearby motorway, the grass and the weeds and the sound of water rushing down the mountain take me, just for a sweet moment, away from the oil and power realities of industry to the even stronger blessed pulse of nature, coming up through that broken asphalt, reminding me with every step just how transient everything is❤️




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