calzadilla de tera – rio negro del puente


Day 51: 16 km’s

Today’s reflection: Heaven and hell are in the mind, experienced from moment to moment


❤️ One thing that walking such long distances is teaching me is that every moment of life, every footstep I take, brings an opportunity to choose whether I want to experience Heaven or Hell in the present. I dont believe that the experience of Heaven is a question of following rules or delaying gratification, and I certainly dont believe that whether or not I ultimately experience Heaven will be determined by some higher power. Heaven is not a place, it is a living state of mind. The thing that walking teaches me is that I am the one that chooses whether I want to live now in a way that is as harmonious as possible, with an open heart and a willingness to forgive not only others, but also myself. Footsteps on uncertain caminos, and wandering from place to place, where I come into contact with different people and landscapes and weather, helps me to reiterate and further integrate the understanding that nothing and noone is perfect and that the very notion of perfection is just a torturous dangling carrot that sometimes can do great damage. This is the place where my lightness lives. Being at peace through acceptance of what I cannot change. Heaven is this sense of happiness. Not the promise of some perfectly imagined paradise in the afterlife -to me that sounds like a fairytale you tell small children to keep them doing what you want them

to do……………But that is just me. So while it is true that religious types (like the South African missionary I met on the way today) trying to convince me of this fairytale concept of paradise invariably irritate me, the same way the I am sure I irritate their spiritual sensibilities with my perspective, there is one thing that unites us and which I think transcends all the blah blah blah………I know that their beliefs, like mine, come from a good place. A desire to make things better. ❤️



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