montamarta – granja de moreruela



Day 48: 20 km’s

Today’s reflection: Time to disconnect


❤️ Another grey day, bringing more frustration and general dissatisfaction. I am really not sure why this place is irritating me so…………In hindsight, I look at the pictures that I take and there is definitely a stark beauty, but when I am walking all I feel is nothingness and the desire to move past it as quickly as possible. That just wont do, as part of me feels that in experiencing it in this way I am not doing justice to this place or my perceptions of it. Thanks to some words of wisdom from a friend today (thanks John!), I think it would be a good idea at this point to disconnect from my daily efforts to document this experience and to just be alone with the trail. I keep searching for distractions (and this blog is one way of doing that) in some ways to pull myself away from where I really am, so perhaps it is a good idea to just dive into it instead (George Costanza!)-through privacy, and intimacy, and silence. When I leave here tomorrow, I will also be leaving the Via de la Plata that I have been walking on since Merida and I will pick up the Camino Sanabres, which will take me to Santiago de Compostela. I am entering the final stage of this walk. In a few days I will reach the border with Galicia, so there is still time to put away the music and the Whatsapp and the blog and all the other things that keep me distracted and unable to just be in this place, simply on the trail, a person walking through a landscape, experiencing it through the senses, mindful of anticipation and expectation. In silence. There is something to be said, at this point, for just leaving it at that, without turning it over and over in my mind, always searching for a structure or a narrative to make sense of it. There will be plenty of time for that later. For now, at least for the next few days, I want to make it just about the trail, as I feel intuitively that this place has a story to tell me, it is just that I’ve clearly been too busy with other things to pay attention……..❤️ (see you in a few days!)



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