zamora – montamarta


Day 47: 17 km’s

Today’s reflection: Agency is having the power to take care of your needs, whatever they may be




❤️ Zamora is stunning, a truly hidden gem, but the departure from Zamora is completely depressing. There is no doubt about it, I am getting sick of the flatness, the lack of colour, the frontier town-like atmosphere of the places I stop to rest…..Thus, I feel myself continuing to engage on a daily basis with an inner conflict. On one hand I am trying to be in the now, to see beyond my own expectations so that I can discover a sense of the beauty of these places and hide the lovely feeling away in my heart and memory, but on the other hand, I am increasingly aware of my yearning for the lush green of Galicia, the push to move faster towards the end of this walk, and the inevitable return to quotidian life……❤️


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