el cubo de tierra del vino – zamora



Day 46: 28 km’s

Today’s reflection: A moment in the sun………


❤️ One thing leads to another and I find myself today traversing 28 km’s of highway, all the way into Zamora…….Sounds bad, right? Cars whoosh past as my tired feet hit hard, unyielding asphalt, yet, surprisingly, it turns out to not be an altogether unpleasant experience, as the roadside presents interesting points of reflection while I progress towards my destination.

Bringing an important theme from the past few days into the light once again, today the camino offers up more dead things for my consideration, reminding me again of the fragility of life, of my flesh. First, I find the intact body of a wild pig, probably not long dead. It looks like it is simply asleep and I half expect it to get up and start moving, but it doesnt.  It is long gone, and by the looks of it, it won’t be long until it starts to bloat and decompose, transforming, decaying…….

Then comes the carcass of a fox. More roadkill. In contrast to the wild pig, this dead thing looks dessicated, having been pounded and  flattened out, almost becoming a part of the ground. Like the half-eaten beast that I found on the mountain, it looks pretty gruesome and a little frightening………….

By way of an antidote, the side of the road also offers up glorious life-tiny birds that I think are Starlings-singing and flying from tree to tree. I stop and watch how the flock moves, breaking apart then reforming, always flowing in organic unison, always in more or less the same direction.

I see death, and I see life, flowing seamlessly. Organic matter, shifting, changing form. Walking on the roadside reminds me that I am not just observing, but that I am also a part of this. That I will be a part of this, sooner or later. Once again, I am confronted by the prospect of my own demise. I am afraid, there is no doubt about it. Slowly, this camino is revealing this fear to me, clear and bright.

Eventually, after I have been ruminating on this for a while, the thick blanket of clouds breaks apart and I feel the sun, for the first time today, greeting me with its warmth. I stop and turn around to face it, experiencing a delicious moment. This warmth feels like Beethoven bursting out of dense silence, breaking the heaviness apart, momentarily chasing the shadow away……..❤️




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