fuenterroble de salvatierra – san pedro de rozadas



Day 42: 28 km’s

Today’s reflection: Desolation and dead things……..


❤️ Today I find a half-eaten animal as I walk. I cant tell what kind of animal it once was, only that it had fur and was probably the size of a large dog. It frightens me, this dead thing. It frightens me so, that I cannot bring myself to go closer, to investigate. A snout, one eye and a couple of fangs are all that remain. What is left of the face is frozen, grimacing. A spinal chord emerges from what was once a head, gently curving into nothingness. The bones are white, picked clean, probably by the vultures I have seen swooping and swirling overhead for the past couple of hours. They circle, vigilant, because for them, death is life. I feel the fragility of my own flesh in this moment, looking at the dead thing, thinking about the vultures………. I am alone -so alone- wandering a lonely hillside in Castilla y Leon, with the horizon stretching out below. The dead thing helps me to hurry along because everything that is home lays beyond that horizon, not here. There is something innocently gruesome and horrific about this dead thing, yet at the same time, I am hypnotised by its image as it is the most real thing I think I have ever seen………….❤️


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