jarilla – aldeanueva del camino





Day 39: 11 km’s

Today’s reflection: A little bit of bitter, a lot of sweet……

❤️ After a pretty decent night’s sleep at the Hostal Asturias in Jarilla and a leisurely breakfast, I set off for the day thinking that I will walk 24 or so kilometres, however, this doesnt end up being the case……11 kms and quite a pleasant stroll through the countryside on the edges of Extremadura brings me into Aldeanueva del Camino, a rather sweet little town where I decide to stop, relax, and enjoy lunch and a siesta. I deserve it! This is Spain, after all…….Today is the first day that I can truly feel the cold bite of winter on my face, as I am now walking across land that is on the edge of a pocket of freezing air that is currently sweeping down from the Arctic and engulfing the Eastern regions of Spain, making politicians sweat and giving the trashy side of Spanish “Journalism” something else to shout about. Highways and railways between Valencia and Madrid are jammed with traffic that has been paralysed overnight due to a combination of freakishly heavy snow and inefficient bureaucratic protocols. Far away from the poor souls that have had to endure many hours trapped in their cars, unable to move, I walk freely, and the cold is offset by the bright blue sky, the spring in my step from proper rest, and a weak, but glowing sun. After yesterday’s catharsis of I dont know what, today’s walk feels like a gentle stroll in the park, and I am feeling pretty good. There has been a lot of that on this walk, the potent bitterness that comes up from spending day in and day out, alone, walking with my shadow, followed by the soothing sweetness of beauty, energy, and the good weather that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy………….as usual, a reflection of life itself ❤️





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