galisteo – carcaboso



Day 37: 10 km’s

Today’s reflection: Being fluid- anticipation/projecting into the future……

❤️ Off the back of a superb weekend with friends in Soria, full of warmth, friendship, laughter and sharing, I now find myself once again back on the Camino, alone………..I find myself questioning where this is going, where I am going, and why I am here walking along these roads when there is warmth, friendship, laughter, and sharing to be had somewhere else. Thankfully, this is just a short day, perfect for easing back into things. Taking stock. Swimming in the lightness of the past couple of days. Beyond the truly ordinary waymarking and the ten kilometres of asphalt that I walk -interrupted every couple of minutes or so by the solid WHOOSH! of a car/truck/motorbike speeding past- I rapidly come to the conclusion that that is what this day will be for. Checking back in. The easy ten kilometres give me a chance to observe a certain heaviness or denseness that is beginning to bubble up towards the surface. I can’t put a name to it, or structure it too much with words. It has something to do with anticipation, with projecting forward, with an emerging feeling of “I want to get this over with”. I am ready to be warm again, wrapped up in hugs. I am ready to eat fruit, to see my people in Santiago, to get on with my life…….. The weekend has taken me to the place where the grass is always greener……….How do I feel about this thought? I feel sad. Like I am somehow betraying myself with the idea of being ready to end this trip. But that isn’t all it is, it isn’t that simple (of course)…… I can only say at this point that it feels like a thick, lazy bubble of something coming, slowly being pushed up to the surface by footsteps on hard surfaces and a cold nip in the winter wind that playfully tries to provoke me as I make my way from Galisteo to Carcaboso, my stopping point for this day………❤️



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