aldea del cano – caceres



Day 34: 23 km’s (plus 3 km stuff up)

Today’s reflection: Chipping away at something (I dont know what….)/ Footsteps as meditation




❤️ Today was a bit of a crap day. I walked with a feeling of denseness coming out of something unclear and hazy, provoked by I don’t know what. A conversation? A fear? Tiredness? Some sort of looming psychosis brought on by excessive consumption of IBUPROFEN? Distracted with this mysterious heaviness I took a wrong turn and ended up adding 3 km’s on, which really didn’t help the pissed off mind state that was threatening to emerge. Where is the fun, the silence, and the joy today? Coming back onto the “right” path, the only thing to do was to try and be in the footsteps and use them as a way to create  some kind of mindspace between me and the unwelcome dense feeling. I want to see what this is, but I can’t see it when I’m too close…………So, footsteps become meditation. Footsteps become medicine……..Like the path that I walked upon for what seemed like 100 km’s, weaving its way up and over, down and under, towards and then away from the semi irritating sights, smells, and sounds of the highway to Caceres, I had to work hard to pull away from the random thoughts flying in so I could shift back into the blessed silence of the footsteps and the Camino. Somehow my attempt at walking meditation flowed along he same physical lines as the Camino itself today. Up and over, down and under, towards and away from something…………..but what?❤️


2 thoughts

  1. Hi Cate
    Don’t lose heart – I believe walking a camino is a lot like life in that there are always going to be crap days. You just have to continue on and see what comes up next – hopefully a good day or two or many.
    Tim and I are enjoying your posts and following your journey. I often find myself wishing I was with you and back on the road again. Especially given that the return to work is looming on the horizon. I miss the lifestyle of walking a camino.
    Regards Wendy xxx


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