alcuéscar – aldea del cano



Day 33: 15 km’s

Today’s reflection: There’ll be nothin’ but blue skies……..



❤️ Oh, what a difference hot water makes. I dont mean ordinary hot water, I mean scalding hot water. Standing under the showerhead and feeling the heat slowly creep into my body -giving myself third degree burns and lovin’ it. I heave a sigh of relief in that shower. This is all I really need, in my whole life, this is it, this feeling of heat, this comfort, this knowing that the cold feeling is not all there is, this natural aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh that just comes from deep down in my (warm) bones…..bless the person who signed off on the hot water system in this place…………and now the mind is free to wander between the a’s and the h’s, and there my conscious mind suddenly screeches to a halt on a memory of walking into Alcaudete with Diana and Wouter. We are coming around a corner, into view of a church, and there is that feeling of  arriving someplace……

as well as……..

A golden sun glowing above olive groves.

Wouters dutch nut bars.

Dianas huesitos.


Chance encounters.

Saying goodbye.

The heart feeling of that.


into the memory residue

of happenings, of meaning.

There was a sense of sharing as something that emerged naturally with these people, and with many others to date. Gentle people. People just trying to get on with things while not fucking anyone else over. Hey! I’m trying to get on with things while not fucking anyone else over. Not this nasty vision that I witnessed during a conversation with an elderly gentleman earlier today (see/hear blow by blow), the one where Everyone is a bad man. Does that make me a Bad Man? One where You cant trust anyone. And of course, You had better watch out because you might get violently raped. Are you carrying a knife? 

I only have to look at some of the dogs that I walk past on this camino to understand what is really going on. The ones that have been chained up on purpose, to make them meaner, scarier, more intimidating. A vast majority of the people walking past mean no harm, yet the dog does not know how to differentiate. It has not been taught the subtleties, the complexities. For some people, say, a person who owns a giant house but doesnt live in it, and wants to protect it, this is a Good Dog. To me that is a Psycho Dog. What if we choose to not chain ourselves up with this vision? The beauty of it is that we do it to ourselves, we are the ones with responsibility. I dont know. I just find myself wondering what I want to do with these messages that I see/hear/feel flying about 24/7 entering my mind, moulding my thoughts, attitudes……….at times with no awareness.

It is a giant hall of mirrors, and everyone is too busy barking at shifting shapes, often the reflections of themselves and of the ways they understand the world.

Having said that, it is also true that today I swam in my newsfeed and accidentally got sucked into a Donald Trump eddy.

Maybe the old man had a point.

(….here the hot water runs out…)❤️


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