aljucén – alcuéscar




Day 32: 21 km’s

Today’s reflection: I like keeping some things just for me ……..



🌾………… was a peaceful, cold start today. A mist -extending in every direction- tried to keep the sun at bay, resulting in a glow that added a somewhat mystical feel to the mornings footsteps. Glittering grass, backlit by the emerging sun created an effect where I half expected fairies to appear. The path took me past fields of sheep, cows, oak, a trickling stream. Under a small flock of cranes that were circling overhead in a v-formation that kept disintegrating and reforming, over and over, following some kind of pulse I couldnt quite put my finger on, like clapping to flamenco. Their flight was a manifestation of something that I dont understand, but that is ok, because the simple act of standing there looking up, watching them, listening to them, was in itself a pleasure. A lovely moment to share with myself. I dont need to understand it all to just love them for being there at that exact moment. Thank Christ! What a relief!!! Alcuescar is an unremarkble Extremeño town folded around the bottom of a hill. With a ch(erry)urch on top.  I sleep in a place that takes care of elderly people with limited access to resources. Right now I hear nuns singing. Every now and again when I walk, I sleep in places like this, in a bare white room, adorned only with a crucifix above the bed and an image of the virgin mary on the other wall. But the showers are invariably hot, it is safe, there is zero temptation to start a fire, and the money helps to support the aged care residence.Plus, I get to sleep in a room with the word “Fe” (Faith) on the door……To me, this camino has less to do with faith than it has to do with accepting the realities of what emerges naturally….actually……so, I dont know what the door is trying to tell me. Or, I dont want to hear it, more like it……lalalalalalala (sung with hands over ears)……..Sorry? What?!? I’m afraid I cant hear you!!!!🌾


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