(momentarily) catching my breath in (and around) merida


❤️ I stop here to catch my breath, to catch my thoughts, to catch a thin thread of feeling about where I am walking. I want something to hold onto, to build onto, so that when I leave here I can somehow feel extremadura imprinted on me, in my thoughts, on my tastebuds- not just on my arse in the form of an added layer of fat, which is usually what happens when I travel fast on planes, trains and automobiles, and I dont use my body to move from point a to point b. I want my 21st century traveller perceptions of extremadura to become like the eclectic streets of Merida, where the ruins of an ancient Roman city have been grown over, but not replaced, by a mid-sized Spanish city. Where there are spaces to wander and it all feels so lively. I love how life moves in, around, and through these ruins, how they have been woven into public spaces…………… ❤️




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