puerto del calatraveño – alcaracejas


Day 23: 20 km’s

Today’s reflection: The devil is in the details

“But, you are walking alone?” count: 2


❤️ I start to walk today and quickly I shift away from the grand landscapes and the emotions they evoke and I become ensconced in the microdetails of the spaces I walk through. Textures are all around! Stone. Dirt. Droplets of water hanging from leaves. Round pig bums as they range freely, grazing on acorns. Colours drawing my eyes to different plants, trees, and flowers. Smells of water, pigshit, cow shit, clean air. Sensations underfoot keeping me anchored in the movement. Sounds, sweet sounds. Water flowing, pigs snorting, pebbles crunching. Narrowing the gaze in this way takes me deep into myself as I walk. I dont want to think of words to describe this day, so I give you a tapestry of sounds to listen to, my sensorial reminder of the day -a sound structure to hang your own story on…………❤️

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