cordoba – cerro muriano



Day 20: 16 km’s

Today’s reflection: Walking into possibility



❤️ I do the daily blahblahblah into the recording device, and I draw a blank wnen I think about the essence of this day. Lets see. The first thing that comes up is that today was a day spent in the body, not the mind……..I got here, to Cerro Muriano, after traversing the old town of Cordoba, skirting around the backend of the new town of Cordoba, across a highway, in and out of the promise of forest, past some big fancy houses, barking dogs, kilometres of green, green, green. The air is cool and moist, wonderful walking weather.

I can see my breath as my lungs work, pushing me up pebbly hills. Grainy micropebbles shimmy their way into my shoe and under my foot, but what the hell, now that I think about it, it eventually forces me to sit on a big rock, while I take my shoes off, and admire the sight of Cordoba, off in the distance. In the rearview mirror. When will I see you next?

But for now, remember…….your bones and muscles are supporting you, your lungs are working, your legs are moving… move, and feel that pleasure in the physical effort of driving the body, feel that possibility that movement brings.

I feel alive, capable. A great day. Clean, simple. I feel strong. I can do this. Anything is possible ❤️


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