santa cruz – cordoba


Day 19: 26.5 km’s

Today’s reflection: I’m moving!

❤️ Today’s walk is long, and sweet. Curving paths stretch ahead, up and over a number of hills, and Walter and I march along, following an easy rhythm, all the way into Cordoba. The arrows have been benevolent today. I’m moving! Past the olive groves and into wide, open spaces that once accommodated fields of wheat and sunflowers. The green olive tree cornrows have been replaced by empty brown , rolling hills.  Tilled soil sits, full of potential, waiting patiently, silently- but I move past, following the flow of the gravel road, enjoying the change, looking forward to what is coming up ahead. The various aches and pains have now retreated, and I feel my body is taking this walk in its stride. And that is what I think about. The body feels stronger, slightly leaner, lighter. I sit more comfortably within the senses. As the body is making less noise from pain, I see more, hear more. Long may this feeling continue! ❤️


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