alcala la real – alcaudete



Day 15: 21.8 kms

Today’s reflection: Birds of a feather………

“But, you are walking alone?” count: 0



❤️Birds of a feather flock together- thats what came up for me today. Walking out of Alcala la Real with Diana, we run into Walter, a Dutch pilgrim that has come across our paths a few times in the past couple of days. As the three of us are on the way out, it is natural for us to simply fall into a group and start walking together. This gregarious tendency strikes me. It is so nice walking with two others. At different points we fall into silence for long stretches, still there is what I experience as an unspoken understanding that between the three of us, we can get through without taking a wrong turn. This allows me to relax into the walk a lot more than Ive been able to walking by myself after Granada. There is also a natural moment of sharing that emerges when we stop to take a break. Having consumed my stocks of chocolate the night before, sitting in bed in Alcala la Real, I couldnt contribute. No matter, we all three shared what was there and it took me straight back to those beautiful experiences sharing food with others on the camino last year. I realised that I missed that.

The landscape was the beginning of our great odyssey through the olive groves of jaen and cordoba…………….. To be continued…………❤️




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