almeria-santa fe de mondujar



Day 1- 25 km’s

Today’s reflection: This ain’t Kansas!

Not much to say about the first day-as it was that- a first day……lots of fumbling about, trying to get out of Almeria. Lots of asphalt leading finally to blessed open spaces…..I can see that this camino is going to be a very different experience to the other ways that I have walked. The 25 kilometres  with the 10kg taskmaster backpack weighed on me (and my knees) in such a way that I found myself hobbling in to Santa Fe de Mondujar- my first stop. Not exactly a triumphant arrival. Besides the weight of the backpack, I will admit that this first day of walking weighed heavily on my shoulders, simply because much of the time all I could think about was the very long distance that lays ahead of me to Santiago. I found the question ¨Am I actually insane?¨ popping its head in randomly as I walked. Why exactly am I doing this again? Something about solitude. Something about women walking long distances alone. The pepper spray has taken a place of priority in the front pocket of my hiking pants. Why do I do this? What has brought me here? And what brings other people here?

Slightly shell-shocked, I ended the day alone in an albergue. Something tells me that this isn´t going to be the first night I spend alone in an albergue, licking my wounds.  Oh well……

For this camino, I have decided that I will post recorded reflections that I make at the end of each day. I will try to do this on a daily basis. The act of sitting down at the end of each day and having a conversation with myself, recapping events, will be a way for me to consistently record the sediment that remains at the end of the day´s walking- the ¨juice¨for want of a better word. I will go ahead and post photographs and recordings that I do of other sounds as I move along the way.

I will also post the types of blog entries that have become usual for me here. Allowing myself to go off on emotional tangents and reflecting on this thing called walking in less descriptive ways.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, whoever you are 




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