red dragon

nestled in

white sheets.

it is summertime.

early morning.

outside, the sky wakes

to delirious bird patter,

conjures up

pink edges

that slowly advance,


the midnight blue of dawn.

i am lost,

tucked away,

wandering happily

in the dream place of

mirror-fed whirlpools,

where trochilic thoughts and memories

gravitate towards each other,

drawing into the center,

becoming solid,

then shattering.


there is a white body.

your (my?) body,

wrapped in a red dragon

that stretches luxuriously

from top to bottom.

she caresses the shoulder,

guards the heart,

then kisses the backs of the legs.

she shines startlingly against

starkly soft white skin,

exposing  pure fragility,

your (my?) fragility.


 sinks in,

settles in,

while somewhere far off

i mirror her,

as i shift between white sheets.

she soaks through

the milky whiteness,

becoming a soul tattoo,

a memory image,

that congeals

into the feeling of steel in my core.


she shimmers forever,



*one morning a few days ago i woke up with the image of a red dragon burned on my brain. this dream featured someone close to me who has been having some quite problematic health issues. i dreamed of her white body wrapped in a glorious red dragon tattoo- except when i got closer to her skin ~which was translucent~ it wasn’t a tattoo, it was a real dragon that had merged with her, becoming a part of her……….it was nestled within the confines of her skin, sitting just underneath (in my opinion, the most mysterious spot) ~shifting in minute movements, finding a comfortable position, as an unborn baby might do inside the womb of the mother. the dragon shone so brightly through her white skin….it was breathtaking……….i awoke with the sensation that she was being protected and that she would be ok, despite my/our worry.

some people argue that the characters we see in dreams are projections of parts of ourselves. was her body my body? had i somehow projected myself onto the problems that she has with her eyes and with vicious migraines that come upon her, paralysing her? the notion of the dragon making its’ home inside definitely connects to my understanding of the ways that energies exist and interact with humans (in shamanic practice). i have been sharing the space of my body with the energy of the manta ray since my experiences with sebastian in ecuador. i have truly loved accommodating this energy, allowing it to settle and learning to cohabit with it. once they are settled and have made their home, you can call on them and their qualities in your daily life. they become a part of you.

i loved the poetic imagery of this dream. it was peaceful, yet when i awoke, i felt strength and awe. inspiration. i have since told the person who was in my dream about it. i hope that somehow, i was able to transmit this feeling of peacefulness and protection to her too.



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