india 2.0: bon voyage!

Dearest Jane

Well, it’s not long now, Dr Flower. You are about to take off once again, and another era, hereafter to be known as the “Ocean Shores Golden Beach” era is drawing to a close. Your boxes are packed, your visa is (almost) organised, goodbyes are being said………..and it is off to India, then London, then………? Will we collide once more in Europe? Paris in the summertime?

We have reminisced many times about the 2012 trip to India. There were so many golden moments that I will never forget. I feel like our friendship was forged in fire during that trip. 

I am posting this to you in anticipation of the shenanigans that I know you are going to get up to, and the adventures that I know you are going to have. 

Jane, remember the Hindu festival in Kerala, when all the fireworks started going off and we ran for our lives? Have you ever laughed so much in your life? I know I haven’t. 

I wish you a thousand more moments like that one, where you dip and dive in the deep waters of surrealism and expansion, and laugh with total abandon as a result.

BON VOYAGE my dear friend!

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