india 1.0


jaipur, 2009





amongst chaotic networks

of dusty, buzzing arteries

that never make sense

but always work,

i am lost,



 the colorful madness,

your eyes shine

clean, and joyful,

a spirit

channeled through the faces of people on the street,

drawing a smile

that sits just inside,

then bursts outwards

on a wave of laughter,

of disbelief.

i could search my whole life

for another teacher like you.

with you, it’s



then perfume again.

a little bit of sugar, then a tiny bit of salt.

i never see you coming.

but oh, those eyes….

i will forever remember my first hour in india. after getting off the bus from the airport, i stood on the side of a road, perched on a broken bit of footpath. transfixed, i watched the traffic,  hypnotised by the unfolding of a crazy scene in front of my eyes~ a never ending melange of rickshaws, foot traffic, cars, cows. i have lived most of my life in australia, so the first thing i sense is an absence of rules. still, it all works. still, it flows. the question is, can i flow with it? the sensation is of standing on the side of a rushing river, watching the water twist and tumble in front of me, but being too scared to jump in…

no matter where i go, and even in meltdown moments, i feel a smile swimming under the surface of the chaotic currents that i am witnessing. the first time in india was pure primacy, walking alongside me was the understanding that i would never be bamboozled in this way again. india teaches through the senses. sparkling colours and piles of garbage, prickling heat~a heat that makes its’ home in your bones, intensely complex tastes…..and the smells, oh, the smells. a beautiful scent wafts past and then suddenly WHAM! POW! the most godawful stench…..and just when i think i can’t take it anymore, she releases her grip, allowing me to scuttle away, unharmed……india is a psychedelic taskmaster, unforgiving….yet profoundly compassionate…………….

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