falling feather


cool, and light,

 is a momentary brushstroke

of certainty

that gently soothes the blood,

calming discomposure.


white, and clean,

smells of salty jasmine by the beach…

…is the zing! of sweet lemon

that lingers gently, momentarily, on the tongue.


everywhere, and nowhere,

is a shadow that flickers,

changing form from moment to moment…

…it lives in the entangled spaces

between the rise and crash of a wave.

almost weightless,

it is the fragile purple flower

that drops sensuously from the jacaranda as i watch.


you come for me,

and i gratefully succumb.

 you usher me

through a doorway,

gentle, strong hands

on the small of my back,

sweeping me away

from the rigid discipline of time

that fractures, divides, and dominates.

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