asturias: 2015

one day, walking somewhere near la isla, and passing by the most spectacular beaches, i lose myself in nature and the rhythm of my footsteps, falling into meditation as i walk. given where i am, it is easy to do….. framed by a sparkling blue sea in the background, butterflies come out of nowhere, delicately floating in front of my eyes then disappearing. swallows zoom in front and ahead of me, pumping their wings then gliding, egging me on. bigger birds soar overhead, drawing wide circles through the air with their bodies. crickets and birds make their presence felt, a tapestry of sound underpinning the calming sounds of cow bells, so often my only company as i walk.

at the risk of sounding cheesy (why do i care?- do you judge me?), at this moment, i feel close to the thing that i might define in my personal belief system as “god”. i feel an energy, so gentle, so beautiful. it has no gender, there is no guilt, no expectations, no history, no threat of punishment, no book, no rules, only a never-ending soft, sensual abundance. and it is for all of us to enjoy, if only we can open our eyes, ears, and hearts to it.

everyone walks the camino for their own reasons. religious. spiritual. physical. mental. this place is my church. my footsteps are my prayer. these words are my song.

the soles of my feet

caress you.

the soul in my heart

feels you.

the mind,

whatever that is,

understands you.

without needing words

from the other,

i understand you.

sapphire skies

emerald leaves

amber earth

diamond seas

reflected in this open heart,




for all,

for me.

mother earth,

you guide the way.

father sun,

you light the way.

with our footsteps,

we walk the way.

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