so much of the way is out of your control. the weather. the terrain. fellow walkers. will there be hot water? will there be a bed? will there be somewhere to eat a meal? will someone snore? if you worry about any of these things, let them get under your skin, then you will suffer. each day brings a multitude of opportunities to shrug off expectations of how you would like things to be and simply accept what is. you must stay true to your rhythm in acceptance of what will come as a consequence. to me, this is the great learning.

…if it rains, be happy, for without the rain, this land that you are walking through could not be so green, lush, beautiful.

…if there is no hot water, be grateful that you even have a shower and think that the cold water is helping your muscles to recuperate.

…if there is no bed, be grateful for the space on the floor that the hospitaler@ in the albergue gives you, it’s better than sleeping outside in the cold.

…if all you can get your hands on for dinner is some bread and cheese, you can rest assured that after walking, it will be the best bread and cheese you have ever eaten.

…if someone is snoring and you can’t sleep and you don’t have earplugs, be grateful that at least the other person is getting a good nights sleep! you’ll sleep the next night.

it is this state of mind, this general attitude, that helps bring bliss to the walker, simplifying the experience. acceptance releases you from the weight of what might be. then, you can be free. you will receive what you need, not necessarily what you want, and in reality, you will find that what you need is very little.

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