well…..the adventure in ecuador is coming to a close. with tears in my eyes, i say goodbye to manuel and bea, sebastian, juana and los encuentros. “los encuentros” means (loosely) “meetings” or “coming together” and this has been a place for just that ~coming together, connecting with each other, with ourselves. before i came to this place i tried hard to not build expectations or ideas about what this experience was going to be like. the learning has been deep and way beyond what i can articulate in words. the learning translates in other ways. with a full heart, the tears that emerge, the happiness, strength and clarity that i feel…..beyond words, really. so now the group jumps into two cars, headed to loja, where we will catch a flight to quito. the following day, everybody in the group, except cesar and i, will fly back to spain. we will stay on for a week or so, exploring quito further, before going back ourselves.

i am about to close the south american chapter of my trip and then it is onto my beloved spain for four months, madrid, the camino, my friend silvia who is about to give birth, gerry, nicka, my aunt, and god knows what else……….i’m excited!

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