Lessons from the hummingbird


It is one month today since I left Australia, and to celebrate I’ve decided to undertake a very special project: find a hummingbird. In shamanic practice, the hummingbird symbolises enjoyment of life and lightness of being. I’ve always felt attracted to this bird, but I’ve never seen one before, and the beautiful thing is that without planning it, I’ve come to a place that is apparently full of them! One day in Putre, Christian invites me to sit in his backyard, on a dusty old sofa with binoculars, to practice waiting….

i sit under a tree,

by the bush,

the one with the purple flowers

i know you love so much.



you will visit

in your own sweet time,

following your own lines.

a trembling branch

draws my eye.


you are there,

buzzing wings holding you still

as you drink,

hopping from flower to flower….

Stillness, silence. To see the hummingbird I must practice sitting and observing, emptying my mind of expectation, hope, desire. As I sit on the sofa, many birds visit, flying in, resting, singing. Their songs are tiny sky blue arrows, seeking out my heart, piercing it with sweet, clean emotion. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I see a branch trembling, and there it is. Wings buzzing at a million miles an hour, my friend stays stationary, hovering as it drinks. I am delighted. It drinks, zips, drinks, zips. This way and that. The hummingbird needs the flowers nectar to feed its’ crazy energy. And it is this tremendous buzzing energy that captivates me~ intense static movement….

Watching, i am reminded to be light, to not take things so seriously, that there are many flowers to drink from. Everything is a source of nectar, something for me to drink from and be fuelled by……..

Having seen one, the best thing is that I begin to see them all over the place….isn’t that always the way?

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